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Typical Girls: Volume Five


Volume Five: Earth

Earth is inspired by the place we all call home. Earth is an exploration of our times and how to find wellness, health and understanding within it. It’s a celebration of ordinary people across the world doing extraordinary things. With the rise of global enterprise, the urgency surrounding climate change and the mass of voices interacting on social media, we are more connected than ever before.

‘’Typical Girls felt compelled to explore these subjects in Earth because climate change is the biggest movement of today, we are bombarded with a lot of messages about climate change and the need to work as a global community, through Earth we hope to offer an alternative perspective a more positive and personal look at things happening around the world.’’ – Editor Celiya Koster

Earth takes inspiration from the four elements - earth, air, fire and water. TG speak to a female collective working in wind energy in Denmark, the first girls surf club in Sri Lanka, a candlemaker from the UK and a woman building her own sustainable home and detox ministry in Jamaica.

150 pages printed, perfect bound, full colour.

Photography: Catharina Pavitschitz
Style: Daisy Toogood
Model: Asa Mohammed